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1000 Foot LR4 Shots

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The pictures below show the awesome range of the LR4 LED motorcycle floods. The custom engineered mirrored reflector allows a pair of LR4 floods to throw usable light well past 1000 feet. Unlike comparable lights, the LR4’s advanced optics throws light farther without the near field glare, while still providing a strong flood pattern.

Bike was in turnout on right side of road on center stand, 2004 FJR 1300. Camera was on tripod on the left side of road. 1st tree is at 750 feet, second tree is at 1000 feet. GPS was reset at the farthest tree and bike ridden up to the pull out and turned around:

Note: you can click on the pictures on drop box to zoom in to full size.

First shot is stock low beams with +80 Halogens:

This is stock highbeams, +80% halogens:

This is low beams plus 2 LR4 floods: