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Dimmer Wiring

Posted by on Feb 3, 2014 in Blog | 2 comments

The following wiring diagram shows how to wire auxiliary LED lights using the LEDRider dimmer. For a full size diagram, please click on the image below.   Please note that the wiring method shown above is the only method that LEDRider suggests! While some customers like to attach the blue bypass wire to their high-beam wire, LEDRider does not suggest attaching anything to your headlight circuit. If you choose to attach the blue wire to your high-beam wire, we’d suggest adding a 2 amp fuse in-line with the blue wire. The drawing below shows how one customer wired their dimmer, using a relay so the lights turn on after ignition, and using the high-beam to trigger full power to the lights.  General Notes: Once dimmer wiring is trimmed to desired length, we suggest applying shrink tubing  to the wire bundle to help protect and organize the wiring. If the blue bypass wire is not is use, make sure it is insulated and...

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